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Best Summoner Stick

Posted: Monday 21 Jan 2019, 21:19
by damian44
Hello there, General Kenobi.

I would like to ask you a question about Summoner. I am wondering what is the best Stick for Summoner possible to drop on GMO? Is it Raven Stick or is there a chance to get a better weapon for my Summy Girl ;)

Feel free to answer in both, English and Polish. I am not sure if Heads of GMO accept here Polish language, so I used English :)

Best regards,

Re: Best Summoner Stick

Posted: Wednesday 06 Feb 2019, 19:01
by Damian
Hello dear ;-)
I think the best one is Raven Stick but I'm not sure yet. If you want we can meet in TestServer some day and I'll give you all stick you want and you will test them ;-) Sorry for long delay.